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Don Pasquale Ferone



Don Pasquale Ferone, an Italian Christian music songwriter from Naples, Italy.



Don Pasquale is a priest from the province of Naples who loves music and composes Christian-inspired songs, available on all digital platforms. From a young age, he began attending church with his family.


Learning The Guitar

At 15, he learned to play the guitar and led various celebrations and charismatic prayer meetings in his parish. After receiving the ‘Baptism in the Spirit’ at the age of 10 with a group from the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, he began to consider entering the seminary and became a priest in 1998. As a priest, he continued to further cultivate his passion for the guitar and began composing Christian-inspired music in 2017. In the meantime, the songwriter has become a parish priest in the province and outskirts of Naples.

The Albums

His albums include: Certezza 2017, Confidenza 2018, Come roccia 2019, Il dono della Vita 2020, Fedeltà 2020 (Homemade). Don Pasquale has also released the singles: Fiducia 2020 (Homemade), Guarda il Cielo 2020 (Homemade), Gioia immensa sarà (Homemade) 2020, and many others, all of which are songs of evangelization and praise and, along with the albums, are available on digital and streaming platforms. To stay up to date on all the news about Don Pasquale’s music, it is recommended to periodically follow his YouTube channel, Facebook page, and other always active social channels.


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