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Written by on December 8, 2023

🎤 Breaking Musical Boundaries with Barbara Craig: A Tale of New Sounds and Mesmerizing Videos

Welcome Back to the Spotlight

🌟 We are thrilled to welcome back Barbara Craig to the UK Talk Radio family! As an independent artist with a stellar reputation, Barbara has already reached the pinnacle, securing #1 spots on the UK Talk Radio Hot 100 Singles Chart in 2022 and 2023 with ‘So Close’ and ‘Automatic.’

The Big Uk Talk Radio Interview

Dublin based singer Barbara Craig chats to Geoff Carter from UK Talk Radio about the making of ‘Go’ and ‘Whispers’

Chart-Topping Singles and Independent Artistry

🎶 Dublin based singer Barbara Craig’s musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With several singles consistently hitting the top five on the UK Talk Radio Hot 100 Singles Chart, she stands as a testament to the power of independent artistry. Her unique sound and captivating videos have garnered praise and admiration.

Barbara Craig’s Chart-Topping Smash Hit: ‘Automatic’ Takes the World by Storm!


New Music, New Direction

🎧 Now, Barbara Craig offers a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of two sensational new singles. First up is ‘Go,’ a dynamic house track that marks a captivating change in direction. Listen as Barbara shares the inspiration behind this bold move. Additionally, she unveils ‘Whispers,’ a fantastic anthem that promises to leave an indelible mark. More in the interview below.

Immersive Experience: Video and Message

📹 Dive into the visual realm by checking out the accompanying video on Barbara’s YouTube channel, YouTube Channel featuring iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower on ‘whispers.

‘Whispers’ not only delivers a stunning auditory experience but also carries a powerful message that resonates.

🛍️ Don’t miss the chance to own these incredible new music songs! Head over to Barbara Craig’s official website, barbaracraig.co.uk, to purchase her music. While you’re there, explore exclusive offers that make your musical journey even more memorable.

🌐 Barbara Craig is not just an artist; she’s a musical force redefining independent artistry. Join us in celebrating her unique sound, compelling visuals, and the magic of new music. Your ears and soul will thank you! 🎵🌈 #BarbaraCraig #IndependentArtist #NewMusicMagic

The New Music Of Barbara Craig



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