The Truth Must Prevail!

Written by on February 20, 2023

New From First Born – Rastaman

First Born are reggae ambassadors from Guyana . Troy Azore is the lead vocalist for this song entitled Rastaman and original creation of Esmond Syfox, Don Chandler and First Born. This production will be released on all digital download platforms 26/01/24. Pre release copies available from 05/01/2024. Smart link:
All tracks and details for “The Truth Must Prevail “ was previously submitted with past gig



Listen Now To The Truth Must Prevail


First Born new single “The Truth Must Prevail” takes a stand for truth and righteousness. This highly anticipated release from the talented First Born group is sending a powerful message, with rallying cries for truth and righteousness in a world that is often divide by conflict and lies.


With soulful melodies and thought provoking lyrics, this song takes listeners on a journey through the struggles of humanity and the ongoing quest for truth. From the days of Abraham to the present day, the importance of truth has been emphasized time and again, and this single is a musical manifestation of that message. “The Truth Must Prevail” sets the tone to make a difference in the world. With its soaring anthems and empowering lyrics, that showcase musical prowess and lyrical mastery, leaving listeners uplifted and inspired.

“The Truth Must Prevail” is the lead single from First Born’s upcoming album, “Survived” set for release 2024/2025.

Lead singer for this song Trayon Garrett delivers a stunning performance, supported by the rich harmonies of backing vocals from Troy Azore and Rolston Richmond. From the soaring anthems to the introspective ballads, “The Truth Must Prevail” showcases the musical talent and lyrical mastery of this exceptional group.

As reggae ambassadors from Republic Guyana, First Born have taken the music world by storm, spreading their message of hope, love, and unity across the globe. With “The Truth Must Prevail,” they continue to inspire and uplift, urging listeners to stand up for what is right and to fight for the truth.

In a time when the world is plagued by conflict and lies, the message is simple but powerful: “The Truth Must Prevail” Don’t miss your chance to experience the truth for yourself. “The Truth Must Prevail” will be distributed by ditto music for Rochones Records and will be available from April 07, 2023 on all digital platforms, CDs, Vinyl and Video.

More Infomation

For more information and to stay up-to-date: Visit website at: Media Contact: Contact Name: Esmond Syfox or Tele: +447368636696 +442045091462 Company: Rochones Records UK, 29 York Road, London E79HT


First Born – The Truth Must Prevail–  The YouTube Video

Get Lost in the Thought-Provoking Lyrics and Feel-Good Sound of First Born’s Reggae Single “The Truth Must Prevail”


About The Release

First Born, the renowned reggae group, is proud to announce the release of their new single

“The Truth Must Prevail.”

This upbeat and feel-good track is driven by the soulful sounds of saxophone, violin and a rhythmic bass and drum line that will have listeners moving from the first note.


Filled with uplifting energy, “The Truth Must Prevail” delivers a powerful message through its message-rich lyrics. The song is a celebration of positivity and resilience, encouraging listeners to stand up for what is right and to always strive for the truth.


With their unique blend of reggae and soul, First Born have established themselves as one of the leading reggae groups in the industry. Their music is known for its upbeat rhythms, positive lyrics, and unifying message, and “The Truth Must Prevail” is no exception. This single is a must-listen for fans of reggae and soul music, and for anyone who needs a dose of feel-good energy in their lives.


First Born has been spreading their message of positivity and unity through their music for years, and “The Truth Must Prevail” is the perfect representation of their mission. The band is excited to share this new single with the world, and they hope it will bring joy and inspiration to all who listen. “The Truth Must Prevail” will be available on April 7, 2023, on all digital streaming platforms.


About First Born

First Born is a prominent Guyanese reggae band that has been making music since the 1990s. Born in Republic Guyana and grounded in the roots-reggae culture of Jamaica, the group delivers reggae music that exudes spirituality, culture, tremendous brotherly love, and originality.


The band was formed initially as an acapella group and consisted of eight young Guyanese men. However, over time, the group gradually became five members and is now down to three – Troy Azore, Trayon Garrett, and Rolston Richmond.


In 1997, First Born achieved a breakthrough after appearing at a Freddy McGregor concert at the Guyana National Park leading to them recording their debut single, “Repatriation Time.”


Since then, First Born has recorded five albums, including “Wake Up Call” and “Iritis,” and have toured in several countries, including England. They have also performed on stage with artists such as Shaggy in Suriname, Coco Tea, Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffith, and many more well-known artists.


The band’s latest release is the song “The Truth Must Prevail,” taken from the upcoming album “Survived.” This original song was written and produced by Esmond Syfox aka Danfox for Rochones Records and showcased the band’s commitment to positivity and truth.


First Born’s music has elevated their standing on the reggae scene and has established them as a prominent reggae band. With their unique sound, positive lyrics, and powerful message, the group continues to spread their message of positivity and unity through their music.


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