Why Jos by aisha sally

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A Journey of Resilience and Hope

why jos by aisha sally


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Nigerian author Aisha Sally has recently invited her readers into a personal conversation through her latest book, “Why Jos?”. This book is not just a narrative; it’s a profound dialogue between her experiences and the reader’s worldviews.

Who is Aisha Sally?


Early Life and Background

Aisha Sally grew up in Nigeria, surrounded by the rich stories of her community. From a young age, she was deeply influenced by the oral traditions of her family, which later fuelled her passion for writing.

Entry into Writing

Aisha’s journey into the literary world was marked by her desire to voice the unspoken. She writes not only to tell her story but to echo the cries of many who remain unheard.

jos by aisha sally

The Essence of “Why Jos?”

“Why Jos?” is more than a book; it’s a reflection of life’s complexities viewed through the lens of Aisha Sally’s personal experiences. It’s a memoir that delves deep into the societal challenges faced by individuals in Jos, Nigeria.

Deep Dive into “Why Jos?”


The narrative follows characters Lateefah and Bayo as they escape a disaster in Lagos only to find themselves in Jos, a place of recent turmoil but also of potential healing.


Lateefah and Bayo represent resilience and the quest for safety, themes that resonate deeply with many of Sally’s readers. The miraculous survival of Lateefah, Bayo, and their baby from such perilous circumstances serves as a profound affirmation of the existence of divine intervention.

jos by aisha sally

Impact of Aisha Sally’s Work

Cultural and Emotional Influence

The book challenges readers to reconsider their perspectives on culture and tradition, advocating for a balance between heritage and modernity.

Reception by Different Audiences

From school groups to book clubs, “Why Jos?” has found a place in various reading circles, appreciated for its straightforward yet profound narrative.jos by aisha sally

Aisha Sally’s Literary Style

Her narrative is engaging and accessible, employing a conversational tone that invites readers to reflect and react.

Themes and Messages

I believe the book addresses the heavy weights of tradition and the impact of societal expectations, urging a revaluation of what is often taken for granted.

Audience and Accessibility

“Why Jos?” reaches out to a broad audience, offering insights that are valuable for young adults, educators, and anyone interested in the interplay between culture and individual identity.


jos by aisha sally

Educational Applications

Schools and discussion groups have adopted the book, using it as a tool to explore cultural narratives and personal development.

Emotional and Psychological Resonance

I found myself empathizing with the characters, making personal connections with the challenges they face.

Societal Impact and Criticisms

While widely acclaimed for its depth, “Why Jos?” has also sparked debates over its portrayal of cultural conflicts, highlighting its impact on public discourse.

Comparative Analysis

Compared to other memoirs from the region, “Why Jos?” stands out for its personal touch and relatability.

Author’s Intended Message

Aisha Sally has expressed that her main goal is to foster understanding and dialogue, helping readers to see beyond their own experiences.


“Why Jos?” by Aisha Sally is a compelling exploration of personal and cultural identity. It’s a book that not only entertains but educates, making it a must-read for those looking to understand more about the human condition through the lens of Nigerian culture.


Aisha Sally, ‘Why Jos’

jos by aisha sally

Lateefah Ajoke Adekunle’s story is one of resilience and endurance. Born into a middle-class Muslim family in Nigeria, Lateefah’s early life is filled with hardship and familial strife. Her mother is stern and critical, often expressing her disappointment in Lateefah’s life choices.


Escaping the suffocating environment of her childhood home, Lateefah finds solace and love with Bayo, a young man equally determined to escape his own challenging circumstances. Together, they navigate the harsh realities of life on the streets of Lagos, relying on each other for support and survival.


Their journey is marked by fleeting moments of joy, like the simple act of Bayo gifting Lateefah a flower on Valentine’s Day, and the generosity of strangers like Tochukwu, a kind businessman who offers them financial help. Despite these moments of respite, their lives are a constant struggle, culminating in their desperate flight from unpaid debts and a return to Lagos.


In Lagos, Lateefah faces the harsh judgment of her family but remains determined to create a better future. Her story is a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit and the unyielding pursuit of hope and happiness against all odds.



jos by aisha sally


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