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How One Man’s Past of Neglect and Abuse Fueled His Unstoppable Rise!

Syrup Sandwiches

Antony Owens

Anthony Owens boasts a distinguished career, accumulating 20 years of active naval service, during which he garnered numerous accolades and awards. For the past decade, he has been a pivotal figure at a major defense contractor, serving as one of the lead Network Engineers and as the Technical Trainer at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia. Over the last 13 years, he has contributed as a federal employee in the role of Information Technology Specialist (Network).


Mr. Owens holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s in Business with a concentration in Information Security from Saint Leo University.

Born in Dawson, Georgia, and later finding his footing in Brooklyn, New York, he navigated a tumultuous upbringing under the care of a single parent. Drawing inspiration from his life’s trials, he delved into the realm of writing. His acclaimed work, “Syrup Sandwiches, Choose Not to Give up!”, seized the top spot in the BIPOC category at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, garnering numerous nominations. Beyond this, he penned the empowering children’s book “Raw Power,” addressing the scourge of bullying. His literary repertoire expands further with the gripping suspense novel, “Reasons,” showcasing his versatility and storytelling prowess. Mr. Owens is currently working on his next book, “Fatherhood Matters.” This book delves into the crucial roles that fathers play, emphasizing the significance and consequences of their absence in their children’s lives.


Syrup Sandwiches Paperback – Large Print, September 5, 2022

Syrup Sandwiches

by Anthony Owens

Syrup Sandwiches

2023 Award-winning book that recently earned acclaim from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards!
#1 BIPOC book of the year!

Syrup Sandwiches Choose Not to Give Up! was also nominated for the prestigious Eric Hoffer Award.

Syrup Sandwiches is a powerful story about a young black boy who defeats the odds. Anthony Owens shares how he became a successful man as he had to rise above the expected outcome for a child raised in poverty. Even though he was subjected to neglectful, abusive men, Anthony understood the importance of breaking this cycle to become the caring and responsible father he never had. Anthony Owens is one of the underrepresented voices in America – a black man raised by a single mother struggling to make ends meet; he speaks for voices that so often go unheard. Faced with the odds of poverty, an absentee father, trauma, violence, and bullying, Anthony gives us a raw look at how he was determined not to be defined by his circumstances and makes a way out of no way. Syrup Sandwiches is an inspiring story that gives hope to all children, especially poor children of color, providing a message of hope and success. In a time when society is looking at stories that speak to the black American experience, this is a story that is unapologetically authentic.

Anthony Owens felt compelled to write this memoir because far too many children are facing issues such as poverty, bullying, domestic abuse, single parenting, discrimination, fatherlessness, and a myriad of other issues that he endured. Syrup Sandwiches reveals Anthony Owens’ plight as it uncovers how he was able to choose success. This memoir provides hope for those facing similar issues. For those fortunate enough not to have known these hardships, it gives a real-life glimpse into what it was like to be poor, black, and living in a big city in the 70’s.

Others may connect to Syrup Sandwiches through the details of Anthony’s plight while revealing how he was able to overcome the odds. Some may connect to Syrup Sandwiches because they too grew up in similar circumstances and are able to look back at what once was. This memoir provides hope; a reminder that there is a way out. Those who work with children can gain insight into what it takes for children to overcome the odds, what it is exactly that promotes success for all children. Anthony believes he is the best person to write this memoir because he has lived through hell, and when giving up was his only option, he chose not to. When he could have easily allowed all the problems in his life to change who he was, he chose to look up, tuning out all the naysayers, and charting his way forward. His goal for Syrup Sandwiches is for readers to see that even when life is unpredictable and challenging, giving up is not an option. Entertaining and inspiring Syrup Sandwiches is a must read for everyone.






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