Leo Trevelion and the Lion Ring

Written by on August 25, 2023

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Leo Trevelion and the Lion Ring;

Tale of Turning 21 Takes Readers on One of the Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventures of the Year


Combining the science fiction of alien planets and advanced technology with the fantasy of magic, super abilities, and Mother Earth, Ian Flint’s novel shares the story of Leo Trevelion a 20-year-old who until now, led a mundane life in the South of England. But the moment he turned twenty-one life changes beyond his wildest dreams.



Awesome Debut Novel


 A debut novel that screams new literary talent, Ian Flint’s Leo Trevelion and the Lion Ring immerses readers in a tale of how Leo’s life transforms overnight. And a bit like Harry Potter, it ticks the ‘must read’ literary box for readers of all ages.

A character-driven, easy flowing and page-turning adventure that brims with high-tech underground dwelling, winged horses, wormholes, wizards, sea monsters and more, Ian Flint’s narrative exemplifies why this genre is on the literary ‘up’, while also providing a much-needed escape from these universally challenging times.

Having penned several screenplays in his early days, the author’s passion for writing never left him, and this accomplished first novel demonstrates the calibre of his abilities. More Leo Trevelion adventures please. We love your fantasy sci-fi!

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The Lion Ring


Most people who know Leo Trevelion would agree he was an ordinary, though troubled, young man who had lost his way in life. On his 21st birthday, when the stories his grandfather used to tell him as a child start to come true, Leo’s life is transformed overnight.


In a hi-tech alien world, deep below the surface of the Earth, where the highly evolved Leonisians have lived undetected for over eighty-years, a rare planetary event threatens their very existence. After escaping annihilation on their home planet, they now face attack by their old enemy the Vraegil.


The Leonisians are passivists, ill equipped for war, and their survival depends on Leonisian elder Altera, and a wise old wizard Tirwald, awakening and transforming the last survivor of a guardian race – Leo Trevelion. As Leo’s mind is opened to ancient memories and magic, he is drawn further into the Leonisian world, and an adventure that involves an army of little people called the Norbun; a meeting with Dryan, Spirit of the Tree and the Soothsayers; a journey to the Ocean Layer to find the Architheus, a giant sea monster that guards the Armring of Light; and the revealing of advanced weaponry developed in secret by Altera and his scientists.


As the Vraegil appear through a wormhole that connects the two worlds, the battle for survival commences. But was it all in vain?



This Super Great book is receiving 5-star reviews:


“This book was recommended to me and although not my usual genre, I found the book a page turner, I couldn’t put it down until I finished. A gripping story that kept me entertained to the end. Now a fan of fantasy sci-fi!”


“A Great Yarn – This was a mythical tale that transported you into another world. A real page turner.”


Leo Trevelion and the Lion Ring is available in Kindle format – £3.99 – 



It is also available on Amazon.com at Purchase On Amazon.com

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About the author:

 Ian Flint owns a Management Consultancy based in England and, though the job may be business performance related, Ian loves the realms of science fiction and fantasy.

Having written screenplays in the distant past, Ian has retained a passion for writing and has finally produced his debut novel Leo Trevelion and the Lion Ring, with the hope his readers enjoy the story as much as he enjoyed writing this fantasy sci-fi.



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