Justice Is A Must

Written by on August 25, 2023

Justice Is A Must

From Hxtra Rdi

Once upon a time

Once upon a time in the late 19th Century a Melenium Sensation was born, Ossian Graham. Great musicians are dime a dozen and this hard working individual goes by the recording artiste name; Hxtra Rdi, A warrior for a purpose in the musical tales of reggae and dancehall music,

The light that trailed RDI to music was a natural love from birth. Going to stage shows and having the inspirational energy from one’s cousin to help mold his vision to take it more on a serious level.

Music From Hxtra Rdi On YouTube




The awesome music that Hxtra Rdi creates are reggae and dancehall from likes of beenie bounty etc. being a meditational kind of artiste keeps the spirit realm calm and free to write pulsated lyrics, Hxtra Rdi the warrior spirit writer is in favor of collaborating with likes of junior gong, If you listen the the style and the pattern from the Hxtra you would hear some gong flow here and there “You Know Them way deh” says Hxtra Rdi. Currently RDI the great have performed on a stage show in St. Thomas with Tyrical, Fiwi culture Fridays a weekly Friday event that was kept aat mango raunch by Record Producers Top Chef records and Yellow Leo Records, and also some communities shows in the earlier stages.

Work Begins On The New EP

Presently Hxtra Rdi is working on a Ep, have a new collaboration With Tawana, and a recent video released on YouTube and all digital platforms entitled: (Justice is a must #xHxtra Rdi),

Last but not least the the best advice for those who just coming into the musical game “do your best and follow what you believe in with the craft of your music and try to stay on the right path and keep in mind Dancehall artists have more authority over their music” says Hxtra.


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