Newton Gritters 1: The Foundation

Written by on October 17, 2023

Newton Gritters 1: The Foundation

By Eddie Beasley Jr.

A man named 3 is destined to prevail over the trials and tribulations of Baltimore so he resides in Canton, Ohio, with his sister, starting his journey off with a bag of prison clothes to eventually converting over to the underworld of Newton. His saga isn’t a walk in the park. He crawls through Hell’s kitchen and makes it through, seeing the light at the end.


3’s journey is an inspiration for us all to fight for our dreams no matter what obstacles get in our way and try to deter us. Life is filled with ups and downs, but when we fall it’s all about how quick we get back on our feet. Everything is impossible, till someone does it. Never give up.



About the Author

Eddie Beasley Jr. loves welding and does weld projects. He also enjoys writing; it’s like therapy and very relaxing for him. He loves the concept of just venting through pen and paper. If he’s not doing that he spends time with his friends and family, whom he admires very deeply. He has one daughter, who currently lives in Baltimore, and they frequently talk. Outside of that he is single.

Eddie is currently the owner and CEO of his own weld repair business, Eddie’s Mobile Weld Repair LLC.


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