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The Rock Music Magic Of Deadwater



About “deadwater”: I write, record, and produce alternative garage-rock from my basement in Virginia under the name “deadwater”. My style is raw, muddy, honest, unfiltered and at times untamed… and generally with a heavy dose of grunge flavoring. It’s fairly low-fi as all I use to record is my guitar, my laptop, and my voice. I write about real experiences and how I feel. The beauty is in the imperfection. I taught myself guitar during Covid and I’ve never been a good singer, so this whole thing is an experiment, but I am having a blast with you. I hope you find the songs interesting and they make you think for a minute. Major influences would include Nirvana, Pink Floyd, RHCP, Green Day, Alice in Chains, and Queens of the Stone Age.


Photo ofr rock band Deadwater

The First Single

“Purple Crosses”. This is the first song I wrote after I left rehab a few weeks ago. It’s haunting and dark, as it focuses primarily on my battle with alcohol addiction that has torn my family apart.. but it has small moments of hope.


Why Purple Is So Important

Purple is the color of recovery and the crosses represent hope in the future. I guess in a way, the song is about being tired of and escaping the hell that is addiction (“tired eyes of a beaten dog”) and finding a new future (“tomorrow comes it’ll help you fly”). Hopefully some folks can relate to the themes and vibe I tried to emit through the music and lyrics in this song.


The Links For Rock Music By Deadwater

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