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Written by on December 7, 2023

TechRevolution Magnified: Thrive with Consciousness by Anurag Bansal (Author)

Technological Innovationby Anurag Bansal (Author)


TechRevolution Magnified” transports readers on an enthralling voyage through the most recent ideas and advances in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Clean Energy, Genomics, Quantum Computing, the Internet of Things, and beyond. Each chapter examines the implications and promise of these transformative technologies, emphasizing the necessity of ethical responsibility, societal effect, and mindful usage as we harness their power.Technological Innovationby Anurag Bansal (Author)

As the rate of technological advancement quickens, it is critical to manage the digital revolution with knowledge, awareness, and intention. This book provides vital insights into how people, corporations, and society may harness the potential of converging technologies to achieve sustainable development and assure a successful future.

Technological Innovationby Anurag Bansal (Author)

Prepare to be amazed and enlightened as you dive into the amazing realm of technological innovation. Learn how to use technology knowingly, converting it from a destructive force to an empowering agent for constructive change. “TechRevolution Magnified: Thrive with Consciousness” is a must-read for anybody seeking to comprehend and utilize technology’s revolutionary potential while keeping conscious of its influence on people and our earth.

The book recently made it to the finalists in the American Writing Awards.

Technological Innovationby Anurag Bansal (Author)

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Technological Innovationby Anurag Bansal (Author)

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