The Actual Roger

Written by on December 7, 2023

The Actual Roger by Hank Tucker

The fate of LA rests on a tarnished superhero’s nine-year-old sidekick who can only fly a foot and a half off the ground.

When 9 yr old Roger Beaman’s hero  – a high-flying, “superman” in cape, boots and a mysterious magnetic collar – is accused of offing his popular teen sidekick in a fit of rage, Roger decides to give up comics and superheroes and be a “real guy”, have a beer and maybe become a Laker.  Just then, by a cosmic fluke, he’s gifted with ability to fly…but only a foot and a half off the ground. Although ridiculous, it’s a “super power”, which draws the attention of a secret government “super power control” agency (B.A.P., the Bureau of Anomalous Persons) – who determine that, to protect both Roger and his parents from falling into criminal hands, the boy should be placed under mentorship of an actual superhero. They decide the tarnished but seasoned (and now side-kick-less) superhero, will be his most reliable mentor. Looking at his tiny new “side-kick” the superhero holds up a hand, “Wait, you? You’re Roger? Thee Roger?” Roger grimly answers, “Yes, I’m the actual Roger.” It goes badly…from start to the final victory over the newest threat to civilization (LA, specifically) who is also, turns out, the mastermind behind the fall from grace of Roger’s former hero/now super mentor

Meet The Author

As to me, author and artist, my name is Hank Tucker.
I’m a long time animation story artist and occasional producer/director of series animation for Disney and – maybe pertinent to this – The Tick animated series for Fox in the 90’s. I’m currently storyboarding at Disney TV Animation.



Geoff Carter host of the flagship breakfast show at UK Talk Radio reviews of “Actual Roger” by Hank Tucker



Unleashing Whimsical Heroics:

A Cosmic Fluke and a Foot-and-a-Half Flight: Roger’s Unconventional Journey

Hank Tucker takes readers on a delightful and unconventional superhero journey with “Actual Roger.” The story unfolds when 9-year-old Roger Beaman, disenchanted with traditional superheroes, finds himself gifted with a peculiar superpower—flight, but only a foot and a half off the ground.

Tucker weaves a whimsical tale as Roger’s newfound ability attracts the attention of a secret government agency, B.A.P. The Bureau of Anomalous Persons decides that Roger needs mentorship from a seasoned superhero. The twist? The tarnished and sidekick-less superhero becomes Roger’s mentor, leading to a series of misadventures and unexpected challenges.


From LA’s Streets to a Cosmic Showdown: Roger’s Triumph

The narrative, from Roger’s decision to be a “real guy” to his final victory over the threat to LA, is a rollercoaster of humour, mishaps, and genuine heroics. The interactions between Roger and his unlikely mentor provide comic relief, and Tucker’s storytelling captures the essence of a smart 90s cartoon with a modern twist.

“Actual Roger” is not your average superhero comic; it’s a testament to Tucker’s storytelling prowess and his ability to infuse humour into every twist and turn. The characters come to life with vivid details, and the plot keeps readers engaged from start to finish. If you’re in the mood for a whimsical yet compelling superhero story, “Actual Roger” is a must-read that promises a unique and entertaining adventure.


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