Mental Health Challenges

Written by on November 29, 2023

The Most Wanted 2004-2005

By Maria Angela Leon


My very dear reader…

If the universe, Buddha, Jesus, God, or whatever your religion came together to get this book into your hands, your understanding of the complex world of mental illness will be more advanced, so congratulations!

Any person, regardless of their religion, nationality, color, or economic power is subject to this disease or its different symptoms and can also fall into the mistake of believing that absurd, erroneous behaviors, or those that are outside of what is socially accepted, are part of the personality.

The taboo that currently exists is still brutal, where patients are treated, judged, and punished in the same way as normal people, that is, those within their functional mental capacities. The lack of education in this regard, and the same taboo that has always existed in history, has brought a lot of pain and fatalities in families and societies.

This book describes more than six decades of the author’s life where surviving was her only option. The goal is to raise awareness and put into practice the issue of mental imbalances, in an open, direct, and firm way, and for these issues to be discussed in casual and normal conversations, rather than hiding or being ashamed of reality. Or what is worse, attacking, judging, or abandoning those people who need help. Not everyone is ignorant of mental illness; many do nothing about the matter, even use it for their own interests. So, dear reader, whatever your position, it will benefit you to understand this issue that affects us all equally. These people roam the streets. We either have them at work or certainly in our government.

The most real knowledge you may have about mental imbalances can help you make more calm decisions about yourself, your family, and definitely society and your government.

A big hug and deep gratitude from the author for taking your time to light your path and that of others.

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The Big Book Review!


Realities of Mental Health

Big Book Review by Geoff Carter, CEO and Host of the Flagship Show Breakfast at UK Talk Radio:

‘The Most Wanted 2004-2005’ by Maria Angela Leon

Surviving Mental Health Challenges: 

In “The most Wanted 2004-2005” the author , in an intimate and profound narrative spanning over six decades, offers a poignant exploration of the complex world of mental illness. As the CEO of UK Talk Radio and the presenter of our flagship breakfast show, I found this book to be a remarkable testament to the strength of the human spirit and a compelling call to action.

My very dear reader… The opening words extend a warm invitation, setting the tone for a journey that transcends religious, cultural, and economic boundaries. The author dismantles misconceptions surrounding mental health, emphasizing that anyone, irrespective of background, can be affected by its challenges. This inclusive approach challenges the mistaken belief that behaviours outside societal norms are inherent to one’s personality.

Overcoming Stigma: Breaking the Brutal Taboos

The narrative courageously confronts the brutal stigma associated with mental health, where patients are often treated, judged, and punished as if they were not dealing with an illness. The lack of education on this matter, coupled with historical taboos, has inflicted immense pain and fatalities within families and societies. The author sheds light on the dire need to overcome stigma, urging for open, direct, and firm discussions that shatter the silence surrounding mental imbalances.

“The most Wanted 2004-2005” offers a beacon of hope as the author shares personal experiences, making a compelling case for awareness and practical approaches. The book advocates for casual and normal conversations about mental health, discouraging the tendency to hide or be ashamed of the reality. The author condemns the indifference and exploitation of mental illness for personal gain, urging readers, regardless of their position, to comprehend the universal impact of these challenges. The streets, workplaces, and governments are inhabited by those facing mental health struggles, emphasizing the collective responsibility to understand and address this shared concern.

Surviving and Thriving: A Call to Action

The author eloquently argues that genuine knowledge about mental imbalances empowers individuals to make calm decisions regarding themselves, their families, and society at large. The insightful perspectives shared within these pages act as a guide, not just for personal growth but also for contributing to a more compassionate and informed community.

In conclusion, “The most Wanted 2004-2005 is not just a book; it’s a testament to resilience, a catalyst for change, and an essential resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the human experience. As the author extends a big hug and deep gratitude, I, in turn, express appreciation for the invaluable contribution this book makes to illuminating paths toward compassion and understanding for ourselves and others.



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