Pax Nindi aka Harare Dread   The master of African Reggae, Pax Nindi aka Harare Dread is set to release his new album titled ‘Kushi’ on 16th September. The record’s title is slang for ‘home’ in the Zimbabwean language, Shona and pays tribute to the motherland of Africa. It also spans vibes and rhythms from […]

  Lyyvve “Choosey Lover” The Awesome new single, Choosey Lover Lyve On YouTube The Artist- The Music Lyyvve, also known as Olivia Marion is a rap artist who uses music and poetry as an emotional and creative escape for herself. Lyyvve was internationally raised due to her father being in the military – Later Lyyvve […]

Purity of Heart with New album Ariel Drive   The Big Radio Interview Below Peter Fterniatis  from Purity of Heart talks to Uk Talk Radio DJ Geoff Carter about his new album ‘Ariel Drive’ I wrote Child of Light as a way to share how much the Father has in a newly born again Christian […]

Aviv With “Sweet Soul” Click Here For Apple Link Everyone knows that a good saxophone intro is the perfect cue for the lights to be turned down low. But in sweet soul, Nigerian-American singer-songwriter-producer, Aviv doesn’t fall for the common trap of overusing it. Before my worries could find any footing between my AirPods, I […]

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 Catherine O’Kane with “Beautiful Wide World” I’m Catherine O’Kane, from Northern Ireland, and I wrote the lyrics and music for “Beautiful Wide World”. It’s also my You Tube debut.   I’m really excited to use these scenic images to share my song on You Tube. I’ve enjoyed writing and performing the music for “Beautiful Wide […]

  J.A.H Awesome new single, In Denial   Click Here For Link Tree The Artist – Beginnings J.Á.H.’s background of living in different countries shaped him to become the passionate, creatively driven, and sensitive individual he is today.   He believes that sharing his own personal highs and lows of coming up through life enables him […]

Avii Garde New Single It’s Not Easy Click Here For Apple Link   Avii Garde Inspirational new single, It’s Not Easy   Avii Garde is an artist who makes music based on alternative genres. He delivers messages to people all over the world through music.   The Track Avii Garde – It’s Not Easy Many […]

Mr Streetz with the song ‘Hood Therapy’   Mr streetz talks about ‘Hood Therapy’ The song is about a toxic couple going to couples therapy to try to save their relationship but the councilor determines they have no hope on saving their relationship.         Discover More About Mr Streetz Details Below   […]

The Fan Page For “Mouse zzZ”   Mouse zzZ Awesome New Single   Deeper Love Mou5ZyZZ⚡️”Mouse zzZ” Andrew Niman – Producer/DJ, Drummer, Guitar player, Dancer, Surfer, Singer and Writer, born February 8th 1984. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (505). Born in Los Angeles, California. A musician since childhood, Andrew always felt a passionate Love for all […]

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