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Written by on February 7, 2024

Anime Book


Avalonki Sky Anime Book Series Vol.1

Creator and Author: D.V.Dennis , Illustrator , Graphic Designer, Creative Writer

Brief Storyline

“Step into the futuristic realm of Avalonki SKY – Tokyo 4024, where destiny calls for the selection of five extraordinary magic girls from earth. Their mission: to ascend to Starbase #1, the celestial bridge uniting two galaxies, where they will train to defend both worlds. Brace yourself as they transform into the AV5 Star Cadets of Avalonki – magical warriors and sworn protectors. The saga unfolds, promising a riveting adventure through the cosmic unknown. Astral Ascension Begins Now! join them on this spellbinding escapade”

Picture this

– Picture this: Stunning artwork that comes to life, characters that resonate with your soul, and a storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is not just a graphic novel; it’s an odyssey into the unknown, filled with mystery and non – stop action.


Stunning High-Gloss Cover: The journey begins with a visual feast as you hold the high-gloss cover adorned with breathtaking cover art. Let the cover be your gateway to the celestial realm we’re about to explore.

185 Action-Packed Pages:

Flip through 185 pages bursting with dynamic, action-packed scenes that leap off the page. Every turn transports you deeper into the unfolding saga, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Character Depth and Diversity: Meet a diverse cast of characters whose stories intertwine in unexpected ways. From celestial beings to everyday heroes, each character comes to life through intricate details and expressions.

Full-Color Illustrations : Indulge your senses with a vibrant palette that breathes life into every scene. The full-color illustrations elevate the storytelling, making each moment more vivid and memorable. A cool fusion of hand-drawn art, digital wizardry, and graphic design mastery. Each illustration is a testament to the collaboration of diverse artistic styles, creating a unique and visually rich tapestry.

Printed to Perfection: Feel the quality in your hands with high-quality paper that enhances the visual experience. The attention to detail extends to every aspect of the printing, ensuring a product that stands out on your shelf.

Hardcover Alternatives: For those who crave the extra touch of luxury, we offer hardcover alternatives that not only protect but add a touch of sophistication to your collection. Choose the edition that suits your style.


 kicktstarter info

kicktstarter info ” Become a backer of our Kickstarter Campaign and be part of bringing the Avalonki Sky Anime Book Series to life! Secure your early copies featuring exclusive cover art designs, unique book hardware, and special details crafted specifically for our backers. These editions will differ from the final retail prints, making them a one-of-a-kind collector’s item. Join us in making this anime book series a reality and enjoy the exclusive perks of being an early supporter! ”

Limited Editions Available – Reserve Yours Today!

Are you ready to become a part of the celestial anime saga? Open the pages, let the adventure unfold, and lose yourself in the “Avalonki Sky.”

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