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Based in Roma, Italy, our music is a vibrant blend of electronic, post-punk, and alternative rock influences, reverberating the effort and the fatigue to live up to one’s dreams and expectations. Our lyrics delve deep into the complexities of life, relationships, self-discovery, and the relentless quest for answers. Each song is an invitation to scan the depths of one’s soul, give voice to the emotions and stare and gaze into the rawness and beauty of life. Our songs touch on search, love, loss, redemption and defeat. Catchy melodies call to mind memories that linger after the music fades away, and a mixture of conflicting feelings overwhelms the body and soul. From tales about missteps, hardness and disappointment in relationships to the search for solace “beyond that wall”, we use our music as a canvas to give form and vividly paint our inner emotions and most profound experiences.




“Beyond that Wall” is the new album by Despite the Wane, ten songs, undeniably rock, powerful and rousing, revealing a knack for catchy and irresistible refrains. In a crystalline rock structure held up by the outstanding and talented solo guitarist, Max Dury, the attention focuses on the melody and on the variations of the voice by the passionate singer, Mir Kollins, also the author of the lyrics. “Beyond that Wall” is also the result of years of devoted listening to the most influential and iconic bands of the rock scene since the late 1970s. A passionate listener can easily name the references to electronic music and the British New Wave, enjoying this vibrant album, full of drama and emotion. The title track encompasses the spirit of the whole album, the artist’s inner struggle between the desolation for an adverse fate and the adamant, unrelenting sense of rebellion against it. The doubt arising from failing and the regret of a lost opportunity do not turn into self-indulgence; on the contrary, they feed the leap of awareness which brings about taking stock of one’s life and the need for a rise against the incomprehensible suffering of the human condition.

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