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Written by on August 7, 2023

Discovering New Music and Independent Artists on UK Talk Radio: The Parlophonics, Queen Lady Elvira, and Wai Lana


At Uk Talk Radio we play a lot of new music by independent artists. so if you’re on the hunt for fresh, exciting tunes that break away from the mainstream? Do you have a penchant for supporting talented independent artists who infuse their music with creativity and authenticity? Look no further! In this post, we’ll immerse you in the world of new music and independent artists as we explore the captivating sounds of The Parlophonics and Queen Lady Elvira. But that’s not all – we’ll also introduce you to Wai Lana, a musical and spiritual force like no other.

The Parlophonics: New Music, Independent Style


Unveiling the Sonic Marvel

“Breaking Boundaries: The Parlophonics’ Quest for New Music Excellence”

The Parlophonics, the electric supergroup founded in 2020, are a testament to the power of independent artists and their ability to create new music that resonates with the masses. Despite being scattered across the globe – with Hugh Macdonald in London, Robert Horvath in Dresden, and Fernando Perdomo in North Hollywood – they have shattered the limits of distance to produce unforgettable retro British Rock and Pop music.

Embracing Independence in Music

The Parlophonics’ commitment to their independent vision and new music innovation is evident. Choosing not to be tethered to the confines of major labels, they celebrate their shared passion for retro British Rock and Pop music. The result? A harmonious blend of distinctive sounds that captivate audiences, proving that the journey to new music excellence is best walked on the path of artistic freedom far from a record label. More On The Parlophonics

Queen Lady Elvira: New Music Born from Diverse Roots


 “From Caribbean Vibes to European Notes: Queen Lady Elvira’s Journey to New Music Heights”

Queen Lady Elvira’s story is a testament to the transformative power of new music. Born in the Caribbean and raised in Europe, particularly The Netherlands, she found her muse in the soul, blues, and jazz genres at a young age.

Balancing Dreams and Learning

Queen Lady Elvira’s dedication to growth is remarkable. Despite her love for new music, she chose to prioritize her education post-primary school. With her high school graduation, she exemplified the importance of a well-rounded foundation before embarking on her musical journey.

A Multifaceted Artistic Visionary

Queen Lady Elvira’s talents extend beyond music, highlighting her versatility as an artist. An accomplished painter, she combines her creative abilites to create mesmerizing music and captivating artwork in tandem. Discover Queen Elvira

Wai Lana: A Musical and Spiritual Maestro


Wai Lana

The New Music Visionary

 “Transcending Genres: Wai Lana’s New Music Journey from the Heart”

In the realm of new music, there’s a luminary that shines brightly – Wai Lana. Renowned globally as a yoga instructor and the trailblazer behind the modern yoga movement, she’s also a musical genius. Her music videos, imbued with spiritual depth and wisdom, seamlessly merge captivating melodies, profound lyrics, and stunning cinematography.

Music of the Heart

Wai Lana’s unique style, often described as ‘music of the heart,’ defies categorization. Her ability to infuse her creations with spiritual insight and musical brilliance sets her apart in the world of new music. There simply is no artist quite like Wai Lana, and her musical journey demonstrates resonates the power of music to heal and uplift. More About Singer Wai Lana


As we venture through the realm of new music and independent artists on UK Talk Radio, we uncover a trove of hidden gems that transcend the ordinary. The Parlophonics and Queen Lady Elvira embody the essence of independence and creativity, while Wai Lana introduces us to a musical experience like no other. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of innovation, the richness of diverse influences, or the spiritual depth of music, these artists have something unique to offer.

To delve further into the music of The Parlophonics and Queen Lady Elvira, visit More On The Parlophonics and Discover Queen Elvira, respectively. And for a truly transcendent musical journey, explore the world of Wai Lana More About Singer Wai Lana.

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