Healing through Service Sgt Q

Written by on November 10, 2023

Healing through Service Sgt Q 

Healing through Service Sgt Q

Aaron is a Marine veteran who understands the importance of mental health. As a forward observer, he specialized in communication, but he also holds billets for Naval Weapons Security Management and Close Combat Instructor. He’s an expert marksman and master parachutist with several awards for distinguished service to veterans and superior performance.

Through his work, Aaron emphasizes the need to work together to prevent suicide and promote mental health awareness. He believes that together, we can save lives and change the world.

CHAPTER 1: Toxic Camps

The process is cheap; it will only cost you all you have.

CHAPTER 2: Step Out of the Shadows

Welcome to the funhouse of horrors that is my mind.

—Sgt Q

CHAPTER 3: Sub vs. Con: How the Brain Works

We don’t need to learn how to deal with posttraumatic

stress; we need to unlearn it.

—Sgt Q

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Healing through Service Sgt Q

Reviews Of Healing Through Service

Pastor Jay Alexander

USMC veteran, professional firefighter

“The concepts in Healing thru Service are time-tested and organized in such a way as to make them easily applicable to my situation.  I found this book to be an enjoyable and interesting read but also full of story examples and real science. This book was exactly the resource I needed as one dealing with PTSD myself. It is a must read.”

Michael Webster
Non-veteran member of Operation Pop Smoke
“I strongly believe in Aaron Quinonez’s mission and found his story engaging, insightful, and eye-opening. God is working in the lives of veterans, and Aaron’s book showcases God’s amazing love for the warriors who defend our great nation.

Ericka E. Kelly


“Healing thru Service opened doors by showcasing a formula where we all can ground ourselves in the comfort of knowing that God is with us. In this amazing book, Sgt Q is clear when he shared with us how healing takes place. How we are not stuck. How we can move forward by learning, understanding, and loving ourselves. I now know that with positive beliefs, hope is real and transformation is possible.”


Healing through Service Sgt Q

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