Two Sons from Egypt

Written by on November 10, 2023

Two Sons from Egypt

By R S Smith


Geoff Carter, the Breakfast Show presenter at UK Talk Radio, shares his thoughts on this amazing book:

“Two Sons from Egypt, the inaugural instalment of The Lion Awakes series, unfolds the riveting untold tale of Moses, Thutmose III, and Hatshepsut—Egypt’s pioneering female pharaoh—against the backdrop of the 18th dynasty. Authentically weaving romance, betrayal, and intrigue, this fact-based narrative delves into Moses’ years in Egypt and the consequential birth of two nations.

As I delved into this page-turner, the clash of powerful personalities vying for Egypt’s throne unfolded with gripping intensity. The author, drawing from new and rediscovered facts, breathes life into one of history’s most epic tales, providing readers with an immersive experience.

The Lion Awakes series promises an enthralling journey, with Two Sons from Egypt merely scratching the surface. Subsequent books, such as Escape from Paradise, Out of the Desert, and A Crimson Cord, continue the saga, ensuring an epic adventure for enthusiasts of historical narratives.

Furthermore, the intersection of fact and fiction in this series, rooted in the revelations of the Discover Truth series, adds a unique dimension to the storytelling. Two Sons from Egypt is not just a novel; it’s a true adventure, making The Lion Awakes series a must-read for those seeking an authentic exploration of ancient history.”




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