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Written by on November 2, 2023

Musician Chris Chafin


Chris Chafin is a Nashville guitarist who began his initial songwriting venture in 2022 with the sole purpose of writing a song for someone very close to him who was struggling with addiction issues. One month and three songs later Chris decided that he was going to track enough songs to put on a wax album to hang on his wall.  While long in the tooth Chris was relatively new to the music industry and the decision to self-produce a full-length album proved to be a daunting task.  One year after beginning the journey the album was complete and his dream had been realized by having the album put to wax and it’s now proudly displayed in his home office.


Chafin plays most of the guitar and bass tracks on the album but only sings lead on one song.  Using the platforms Fiverr and Sound Better he was able to contract professional session players for most of the other instruments heard on the album including the vocalists.  Additionally, he had several musically talented friends lend their assistance on several of the tracks as well.  Adding to the plethora of talent were his son and daughter who contributed as well.

 Chris Chafin singer/songwriter

Chris served as the songwriter/arranger/producer for all of the songs but relied on the talented vocalists to provide most of the vocal melodies.  Chafin sought out one of Nashville’s finest engineers to properly mix and master his rough mixes and those final tracks can be downloaded and enjoyed today from most of the large music streaming sites.


After releasing the album Chafin took time off to catch up and enjoy life.  He has recently begun writing and recording again with the hope of releasing a new EP by the end of 2023.


Inspiration for song – NO MORE HEROES


Featuring Scott Foster Harrison on vocals.  No More Heroes is about growing into an adult and coming to the realization that the heroes and mentors of our youth are mostly gone and have not been replaced.  As children the world was much smaller, and we trusted in the adults assuming they had only good intentions for everything.  Our mentors and heroes equated to our parents, pastors, teachers, coaches, celebrities, sports figures, basically any leader that was in our life.  Over time they pass away or simply organically disappear from our life focus while others proved that they never were truly heroes or mentors to begin with.  I also wrote a reprise version for the song which helps to comprehend why this happens and brings it full circle to a sense of understanding.



Inspiration for song – I’M BACK

Featuring Lukky Sparxx on vocals.  I wrote I’m Back for someone that is very close to me who was struggling with alcohol addiction.  My hope when I wrote it was that it would help provide some inspiration to continue the fight and beat it.  While that was the premise for me the song isn’t necessarily just directed towards alcohol addiction though, there are many other types of addiction that control people’s lives to the point that they struggle to function.  Nobody asks for addiction, it’s thrust upon them without notice.  It’s important that those who love them never give up on them and remain a positive influence at all times.  The third verse in particular deals with moving forward away from addiction.  To successfully do that most people will need to leave the bad memories and a large number of friends behind.  One can’t beat oneself up for something that’s already happened either, they just need to keep moving forward in a positive way.





Inspiration for song – ONE AND DONE

Featuring Lukky Sparxx on vocals.  The lyrics start off as sort of a thank you to those that helped with the record but the actual intent behind the song is quite the opposite.  While I do appreciate all of the help and encouragement that I received from some, the song is actually more about those friends who ghosted me when I reached out to them.  Being a first time songwriter meant that I had zero confidence in my ability and I really needed some affirmation and constructive criticism.  So I reached out to many of my friends to listen to some of the songs and a majority of them didn’t even bother to reply.  Nothing is worse than that, I would rather they replied and told me that they thought it sucked.



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