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Written by on July 14, 2023

Anonymous17 is a teenage female from the Chicago area of USA

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Anonymous17 is a teenage female from the Chicago area of USA. She started recording 3 years ago and has 27 songs completed. This is the first of 3 EP’s she will be releasing on Pink Street Records in 2023. She started singing as a kid. Chip Altholz (her co-producer) heard her sing in a garage covering a Pat Benatar song and immediately started taking music written by his friend Nick Bak and having her develop her own lyrics. They started recording on a pro tools-based laptop in her basement with a hand held Sennheiser microphone, while she sat in her favorite chair barefoot.

She has an inherent instinct for harmony and spent days overdubbing spontaneous harmonies over the lead tracks. During covid she and her producer started writing songs together. On this first 6-song EP, 5 tracks are written by Chip & Anonymous17. “I Love You” was written by Nick Bak (a close friend) and the groove for “Love Work Dance” was written by another good friend- Don Moody.

The EP is titled “Hand Held With Rough Edges” because it was entirely recorded on a hand-held mic and spontaneous “in studio” comments are left in at the end of some songs. The first song Love Light Peace Harmony has a monologue/voiceover by Sofia Hall at the front which suggests the world is changing for this generation of young people and how new opportunities are arising with the democratization of the means to create. The song “Help” acknowledges young girls and women who struggle with their self-image, sadness, depression, or anxiety in a society riddled with pornography which sadly often rates females by their appearance. The last song “Feel the Power” implies that all the power you need is already within. Anonymous17 is optimistic that ultimately “quantum love consciousness” is coming to humanity as it moves beyond 3D.



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