Love Game (8 Bit)

Written by on July 14, 2023

Love game (8 Bit) is the new single from the XDU


Love Game (8-bit) is a hyper-pop  (genre) song about love in a video game world.  The song is heavily influenced by an “8-Bit arcade game” theme. The song is cutesy themed and definitely out of the ordinary and new to XDU. – XDU will continue to expirement with all sorts of styles and genres in the upcoming future.

Insight on XDU: XDU (formerly known as XANADU) is a 4-membered girl group that was formed completely online. XDU members: ADRIANE, XIA, SEMMI, and JYOUNGSHI, all came together online and formed a group that focuses on expirementing with different styles, sounds, and genres. Debuting back on July 6th, 2022, and a comeback back in October of 2022. XDU has finally returned after 8 months of being hiatus, with a very expiremental hyper-pop track titled, “LOVE GAME (8-BIT)”



love game (8 Bit) is the new single from the XDU

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