The Music Of Majic

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The Music Of Majic

The Music Of Majic

The band MAJIC has two songs called “Callin’ Out” and “Only In DrmZ”. “Callin’ Out” is a funky, upbeat track with a catchy chorus and a blend of modern and retro sounds. “Only In DrmZ” is a dreamy, atmospheric song with a mellow vibe and introspective lyrics. Both songs showcase MAJIC’s unique style and musical versatility.

Majic has an impressive history of success, including achieving the number one spot on the UK Talk Radio Hot 100 singles charts with “A Love Like Yours and Mine.” They also secured the second position with “On The Edge” and “Change.”

Only in Dreams

Dave from Majic explains, “Only In Dreams” is a project I worked on quite some time ago. Durga McBroom, whom you might recognize from Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse” and her touring with them, contributed the vocals on this track. The producer back then was acquainted with Durga, introduced her to the song, and she eagerly joined us to record it.

The Latest Album

The latest album from the Los Angeles power trio MAJIC is as bit as magical as its name implies. Their most recent masterwork, “The Room,” blends elements of traditional and progressive rock with plenty of supersonic shredding and soaring vocals that will make your ears bleed with delight. This band is so talented that a documentary about them is now showing in So Paulo! Five songs from “The Room” are now playing on FM stations all across the world, demonstrating their influence on listeners everywhere.

The Music Of Majic

The music of MAJIC combines bombast with grandiosity, yet they do so with Amanda Greyfield Amanda Greyfield Amanda Greyfield works as a part-time blogger on various blogging sites. She loves sports and outdoor adventure. confidence and technical skills. With their vintage but contemporary sound, guitarist Wil J Hair, drummer Randy Paine, and vocalist David Annan lead the listener through a maze of lyrical complexity and musical prowess.

The Music Of Majic

Each song on “The Room” builds on the one before it, generating a sense of momentum and suspense, from the opening tune “One” to the dramatic finale “On The Edge.” Yet because each song is powered by hot guitars, rumbling basslines, and persistent drumbeats, even when the songs slow down or get more complicated, they retain their epic nature.

The Music Of Majic

However MAJIC’s organic instrumentation, layering of instruments, and technical intricacies create a vibrantly colored image that’s a feast for the ears, so it’s not just about the music. This band has an abundance of ability and ideas, not to mention some fantastic vocals and harmonies that complete the picture. Hence, MAJIC is the only band you need to consider if you want someone to enchant your ears. They’ve shown that they’re at their finest and most assured with “The Room,” and their grandiose sound will no doubt earn them a lot of admirers. Just know that once MAJIC captures your attention, you might never want to listen to anything else again.

Wil J Hair, guitars.
Randy Paine, drums.
Dave Annan, vocals.

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The Music Of Majic


The Music Of Majic


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