Aviv With “Sweet Soul” Click Here For Apple Link Everyone knows that a good saxophone intro is the perfect cue for the lights to be turned down low. But in sweet soul, Nigerian-American singer-songwriter-producer, Aviv doesn’t fall for the common trap of overusing it. Before my worries could find any footing between my AirPods, I […]

 Catherine O’Kane with “Beautiful Wide World” I’m Catherine O’Kane, from Northern Ireland, and I wrote the lyrics and music for “Beautiful Wide World”. It’s also my You Tube debut.   I’m really excited to use these scenic images to share my song on You Tube. I’ve enjoyed writing and performing the music for “Beautiful Wide […]

  J.A.H Awesome new single, In Denial   Click Here For Link Tree The Artist – Beginnings J.Á.H.’s background of living in different countries shaped him to become the passionate, creatively driven, and sensitive individual he is today.   He believes that sharing his own personal highs and lows of coming up through life enables him […]

  Control Your Music With UK Talk Radio Are you sick of hearing the same songs played again and again on the radio? Are you looking to discover the newest and hottest tracks from unsigned artists before they hit the mainstream? If you answered “Yes,” you’re in for a treat! Now you can control the […]

  The Followers page of Still.Teddy Hailing from the war-torn nation of Liberia, a modern Renaissance-level polymath, Still.Teddy is going full mad scientist on a vast array of killer beats and melodic treats. Multi-instrumentalist, producer, entrepreneur, and family man Still.Teddy has brought his golden touch to national acts such as Foxy Shazam, NUEX, and Automagik. […]

The album integrity from Barbara Craig   Click Here To Discover Integrity With Barbara Craig   Geoff Carter the UK Talk Radio CEO and breakfast show presenter says “At UK Talk Radio we’re proud to play music by Barbara Craig who offers such diversity in her music.  From ‘Air that we breathe’ a poignant song […]

The Fan page for BiPolaRex     Click Here For Spotify Link Click Here For Apple Link Click Here For More   Click below to vote for musician bipolarex in the charts   Click Here to Vote in the charts

  The duo of Doppe & Kokke . The Fan Page For Doppe & Kokke   Click Here For Spotify Link Originally born in Stockholm, Sweden, the duo of Doppe & Kokke discovered an unbreakable connection to music and a bond shared between them that instantly brought out the best of each other’s creativity. As […]

Patric Scott With Hurricane    The Artist: Patric Scott The Song: “Hurricance” feat. Skulduggz (UK Rapper) The Album: Back in the day     Click Here For Facebook Link Click Here For Twitter Link     Vote for Patric In The Charts Here

The Fan Page for TeeDirty Click Here For Apple Link     The Man! The Music! The Artist! Meet TeeDirty Meet TeeDirty an artist/videographer looking to make a name for himself in the crowded room of rappers wanting to stand out. He is lyrically gifted and someone to look out for in the upcoming weeks, […]

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