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Geoff Carter’s Review: Stoned Garden by Belle Butter ūüĆü As the host of the flagship breakfast show on UK Talk Radio, I’ve come across countless stories, but “Stoned Garden” by Belle Butter left me intrigued and thoroughly entertained. This paperback, released on October 29, 2023, presents the captivating tale of Zoey, an ordinary divorced mom […]

¬† Never Settled: A memoir and discussion: A thoughtful memoir, with a discussion on philosophy, psychology, and a vision for the future.¬† By Jamil Hijazi   Purchase On Amazon

The Actual Roger by Hank Tucker The fate of LA rests on a tarnished superhero‚Äôs nine-year-old sidekick who can only fly a foot and a half off the ground. When 9 yr old Roger Beaman‚Äôs hero¬† – a high-flying, ‚Äúsuperman‚ÄĚ in cape, boots and a mysterious magnetic collar – is accused of offing his popular […]

The Most Wanted 2004-2005 By Maria Angela Leon   My very dear reader… If the universe, Buddha, Jesus, God, or whatever your religion came together to get this book into your hands, your understanding of the complex world of mental illness will be more advanced, so congratulations! Any person, regardless of their religion, nationality, color, […]

Healing through Service Sgt Q¬† Aaron is a Marine veteran who understands the importance of mental health. As a forward observer, he specialized in communication, but he also holds billets for Naval Weapons Security Management and Close Combat Instructor. He’s an expert marksman and master parachutist with several awards for distinguished service to veterans and […]

… TALE SIGNS, HE’S TELLING THE TRUTH.: The Whole Truth     There are a few signs that may indicate someone is telling the truth. These include maintaining eye contact, providing detailed and consistent information, displaying minimal or no signs of anxiety or discomfort, and avoiding overly elaborate or rehearsed responses. Additionally, a truthful person […]

Liz Enko and the Charming and Harming of Farming Noam Inkfeather   Step into a poetic wonderland in debut book by author Noam Inkfeather, “Liz Enko and the Charming and Harming of Farming,” the first installment of a series of captivating Liz Enko books. This lyrical masterpiece, inspired by the works of Dr Seuss and […]

Unleash Your Potential: A Journey to Empowerment¬† by¬†Emmanouil Stefanakis¬† Your best life is within reach¬†– ready to grab it? Are you standing on the edge of change, ready to take the leap, but uncertain of the path forward?¬†If the answer is yes,¬†“Unleash Your Potential: Embracing Empowerment for Personal Growth and Fulfillment” is the catalyst you […]

Newton Gritters 1: The Foundation By Eddie Beasley Jr. A man named 3 is destined to prevail over the trials and tribulations of Baltimore so he resides in Canton, Ohio, with his sister, starting his journey off with a bag of prison clothes to eventually converting over to the underworld of Newton. His saga isn’t […]

Don’t Wanna Fall In Love¬† ¬†By Lusetta Nelson   Imagine having a childhood filled with love, joy, and warmth. Now, imagine what happens when that rug is swept right out from under you, causing you to crash painfully onto the floor and, even after you manage to get back up, your heart decides to stay […]

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